YAQIN | A youth wing of Al-Muttaqin Mosque

We strive to empower the youth with Islamic knowledge to guide them in this ever challenging world. We provide intresting programmes to sustain the youth to be close to the mosque, have a close bonding with one another, enhance their spiritual journey, and that so that they would contribute back to the society in future.

Our Vision: 

To instill YAQIN (Confidence) in the heart of the youth.

Our Mission:

To glorify and act upon Islamic Teachings by Reminding, Reaching and Motivating others to become a better Muslim. 

Why join YAQIN???

Volunteering is an opportunity to change lives. Instead of considering volunteer as something you do for people, think of it as an exchange. In spreading da'wah to the youths, I believe that we can in return learn something from them. 
No doubt I am new to this voluntary work and YaQin has played it's role in becoming a platform for me to develop myself, to become more confident in facing the public and reaching out to the youths. 
It feels good to be around people who give you positive vibes each time.
They; YaQin; whom now I regard as family.

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