Social Development

Since 1984, this unit being actively involved in : 

  • To register & collate database on the low income and less fortunate family residing in Ang Mo Kio area.
  • Assist them by providing food ration & at times in monetary assistance at limited period.
  • Collaborate with other agency/body in helping the needy. ie – RLA
  • Collaborate with other agency/body in motivational talks promoting healthy lifestyle ie HPB and livelong learning courses for the low income group.
  • Al-Muttaqin Mosque, Social Development also distributes basic food ration such as rice, oil, and sardine to needy families who are registered with MUIS and the mosque. In addition, to provide free religious classes, the mosque also conducts programmes such as skill upgrading courses and motivational talks. 

For more info & enquiries, please email our social development officer at