YAQIN Mentoring 2018

YaQIN Mentoring is initially set up as part of a "youth for youth" initiative, which involves youth leaders from Youths at Al-Muttaqin (YaQIN) in helping out younger peers in their studies. The youth leaders are from the tertiary institutions like polytechnics and universities.

YaQIN Mentoring has now been value-added with religious values such as Quran-reading learning and even a monthly Qiyamulail session, in aiding the students to benefit much from spiritual learning, all at a minimal fee of $30.

How to Register;

  1. Fill in the form below
  2. Make payment via Bank Transfer - OCBC Current A/C: 591-118633-001 | Bank Code: 7339 | Branch Code: 591
  3. Call us 6454 7472



Come down to our office during the office hours:-

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